Galvanized or Vinyl color
Residential & Commercial
Modern Fence Company
Roseville, MI   48066
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"Chain link is UGLY!"
We hear this all the time...too often, it's true.
Cheap material, too light for purpose, is readily available. Coupling this with an inexperienced installer will
all but guarantee an ineffective eyesore - ugly, useless and begging replacement. Just one more reason to
choose the professionals of Modern Fence Company.

We cut our teeth fencing residential, commercial and industrial yards; grow cages, gates,
commercial security enclosures, dog kennels and dumpster surrounds, too.
We spec. the
correct grade of fencing to fit your purpose, no more, no less. Our steel shop is known for
producing the finest finished products. And all our contract work is overseen by our highly experienced,
hourly installers,
never, ever, subcontractors.
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