Full Dimension White Cedar Lumber

    Full dimension White Cedar is just as the name implies. It is White Cedar log cut
    back to actual dimensional measurements, then trimmed into boards, rails and
    posts. In full-dimension, if it's called 1", it measures one inch*.  Our  1" x 4" board
    measures one inch by four inches*, our 5" x 5" post measures five inches square*.

    You probably know that a lumberyard "2x4" does not actually measure 2" by 4".
    In fencing, such misrepresentation runs rampant. The "2x4" back-rail below  
    measures just 1-1/8" x 1-3/4"!


    Face boards are even more susceptible - notice the "1 inch" face board (above)
    measuring in at a scant 1/4" thin  (calling it 1/4" thick would be a stretch).

    Not the case with our full-dimension lumber ----->


    Our 1" x 6" face boards measure one inch by six inches*. Ditto our 2x4's, our
    4x4's, our 5x5's, our 6x6's, etc.*.  This can equal up to 4 TIMES OR MORE the
    surface area of each component, ours vs. theirs.

    You can find cheaper but you will be hard pressed to find any lumber that is more
    substantial and herein lies the value.

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*Green/dry tolerances:
Face-boards - +1/4"/-1/8"; Rails and Posts - +3/8"/-1/4".