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Effective July 1, 2018: Our big rethink regarding polyvinyl fencing.

Your Dream:  WOW!  Thousands of styles.  Hundreds of colors!  WONDERFUL!
Your Reality:  be prepared to pay.......and wait.......and pay.......and wait......

On the surface, PVC + fencing is a perfect marriage...plastic lasts "forever" and is
mostly maintenance-free...but in reality, most thin, hollow, plastic fence material
simply cannot manage the stress imposed on fencing through normal, everyday
use. Add the tremendous initial cost of product and the extended lead time
involved in procurement, maybe you will understand why we have
once again
modified our PVC fencing options.

To provide you, our client, the finest quality product, at the lowest cost possible, in
a reasonable amount of time, we are now only offering one style and height: 6',
Illusions V300-6 PVC privacy fencing, in two colors, White and Tan.  Why? Again,
we can bring this exceptional product to you in good time and at a great price point.
Full factory warranty.