1.) EXPERIENCE: Some companies brag about “30 years experience” - maybe a true number, if you
    were to add the total number of years experience of their entire workforce. Just two of our vets,
    their combined fencing experience?  Over 115 years!  In addition, Modern Fence Company has been
    servicing the East side's fencing needs for 75 years, from the same location for 60. We are a true
    brick and mortar business...do you really trust the security and wellbeing of your home to a gypsy
    contractor whose truck doubles as his office? Ask to tour his or her yard, shop or office. If they
    hesitate, look elsewhere. A fencing contractor should be as fixed and as solid as the fencing he
    installs. We are. You know where to find us. It will pay to put our steadfast experience to work for

     2.) MATERIALS: Modern Fence Company can recommend the correct fence for a particular
    application. We keep material in-stock so we are not beholden to the “big-box and in-stock, speciales
    du'jour”.  Our experience allows us to spec. the correct grade of the best lines available. We
    welcome the opportunity to compare, side by side, ours vs. theirs...an informed consumer makes the
    best decision. In our office or in your home - we can bring product sample to you.

     3.) CUSTOM, CUSTOM, CUSTOM: Without regard to the material chosen, every piece of every
    fence we build is custom-built to purpose. We build your fence just for you. What's the difference?
    While others pull stuff off the rack then cobble it to "fit" (whether it does or doesn't), each and every
    component of each and every fence we build is assembled then packaged to your unique need. One-
    off building has been a hallmark of our success for seventy years. You get the fence you want built
    to your purpose - not a make-do mish-mash favoring only the installer.     

     4.) “MADE IN THE USA”: For years, Modern Fence Company has been driven to make this claim a
    reality. We are now proud to state that all of our White Cedar (exclusively Michigan), all of our steel
    and aluminum picket, all of our PVC, and all our standard chain link fabric and framework (both
    galvanized and vinyl) is “Made In America, by Americans, for Americans”. Be American - Buy American!

     5.) WARRANTY: Modern Fence Company seeks out proven manufacturers, offering their
    industries strongest warranties. Like ourselves, these are not cheap “fly-by-night” operators who
    vanish, taking your “lifetime warranty” with them. We use only time-honored manufacturers with
    proven track records and industry-leading warranties.

     6.) COST: Smarter than us have offered: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the
    sweetness of low price is forgotten” and “Experience doesn't cost...it pays!”. Compare; side by side;  
    at Modern Fence Company,  real value, a disappearing commodity, is a tangible asset, one of heft,
    one you can actually see and feel...and it's still available at  Modern Fence Company, all at very
    attractive pricing.

     7.) LICENSED. INSURED. Better Business Bureau A+ Rating: Rest easy. We've got you

     8.) It's just a fence... Not really. Your fence is what separates you from the outside world; it's what
    keeps yours securely in while keeping others securely out. Consider too, your fencing may likely be
    the first impression of any passerby - wouldn't you like to put your best foot forward? Lastly, every
    fence has it's nuances; as such, we custom build every part of every job.  In White Cedar or chain
    link;  in “wrought-iron”-like steel picket or polyvinyl;  most everything fencing - we craft each and
    every component to its specific job requirement. Allow us to demonstrate. You will see and feel the

    It may be old fashioned but we still feel there's value in quality.

    To summarize: the most experience.......the best, American-made materials......the strongest
    warranties......custom built......all at the right price.

    Modern Fence Company
    29180 Gratiot Avenue, Roseville, MI 48066                  Ready?  On-Site Estimate - Click Here