Four times the fence?
                                      Well, that IS impressive.  

    Four times the cost?
    Now that is outstanding!                

    Wood is a commodity.
    Some species possess properties most desirable to the end user. White Cedar
    has long been a lumber of choice for fencing and gating. Less expensive species
    (Spruce, Pine, Fir, pressure-treated, even plastic) are also assembled then sold as
    “fencing” but upon examination, those thin panels of lesser material and
    questionable fasteners fail. Could those possibly keep yours in, or others out?   

    In Michigan, we've come to enjoy our proximity to vast tracts of desirable
    lumbers, White Cedar included. Being close to the source gives Modern Fence a
    distinct price advantage. Eliminating middle men offers us other, additional, cost

    When you invest in premium White Cedar from Modern Fence Company, you can
    be sure that, from being a standing tree to being spiked up in your yard, your
    White Cedar has touched as few as four sets of hands.


    We trim our production costs by being efficient, pro-active and forward thinking,
    not by cutting corners or by compromising on quality. We leave skimping to
    others, gladly incurring a premium to ensure that ours is the best, value added
    product it can be.

    Our superior lumber products are cut-to-order then professionally jig assembled.
    We employ an advanced nailing process, specific to the material chosen. Our
    gates are further "glued and screwed",  and then hinged and latched using only
    premium, over-sized hardware. All of this allows us to deliver a bigger and better
    end product, and all at a value driven price point.

    This is how Modern Fence Company delivers unique, White Cedar fencing,
    unsurpassed in quality at attractive and competitive pricing...........and that is real

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